Thank you for visiting my store! My name is Jeannette Aguilar, I started Spirituality For You because I feel a strong calling to bring Spiritual people together. One of the ways I can facilitate this process is by providing customers with a physical outlet in which to express their spirituality. As we know too well people judge us based on their perceptions and impression of us; so we might as well make a good one, or at least a spiritual one. If we want to attract more spiritual people into our lives, or we want our style to be an authentic representation of who we are Spirituality For You provides you with unique spiritual jewelry. Its my hope that my customers will be able to find the people and places, that resonate with their authentic self. I am dedicated to finding quality spiritual jewelry. I am a big believer in self- expression so allowing people to display their spiritual beliefs in style was important to me. The store has a variety of pieces that range from casual to formal pieces so it can be worn in any venue.