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Divine Dangling Tarot

Divine Dangling Tarot

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The Divine Dangling Tarot necklace is crafted from durable stainless steel. You'll be sure to turn heads with these Divine pendants anywhere you go! Pick whichever tarot card or cards resonates with you or use them to give off any of the assigned cards' meanings-- the choice is yours. This necklace makes the perfect accessory for yourself, or for a special someone any time of the year! The Divine Dangling Tarot necklace adds a pop of color that adds an element of sophistication and charm to your everyday look. On top of this, these pendants make the perfect addition to formal or casual attire and are sure to be a long-lasting accessory in your wardrobe! 

This product is in high demand so you may experience a slight delay in shipping. 

Care Information

Take off the jewelry before swimming or exercising to avoid damage from water and sweat. 

Gently clean the jewelry with a soft, microfiber cloth. 

Always store the jewelry in a cool, dry place.

To extend the jewelry's lifetime remove it before applying lotions and perfumes and before bed. 

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