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SunLuna Amulet

SunLuna Amulet

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Bring your love to the next level with our beautiful SunLuna Amulet! Representing perfect harmony of duality and togetherness, this couple necklace is specially designed for partners who share a deeper spiritual connection. Its exquisite shape and design represent a perfect yin and yang balance of feminine and male energy, allowing both partners to express their love and dedication to one another in a hundred different languages. Crafted from high-quality metal and Zinc alloy, this necklace is sure to last you many years and always remind you of the powerful bond you have with your significant other. Gift your beloved this special necklace and discover a deeper level of love for one another.

Care Information

Take off the jewelry before swimming or exercising to avoid damage from water and sweat. 

Gently clean the jewelry with a soft, microfiber cloth. 

Always store the jewelry in a cool, dry place.

To extend the jewelry's lifetime remove it before applying lotions and perfumes and before bed. 

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